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The Complete Home Journal software package includes the following features to help you quickly and easily organize your home inventory, home improvement project details, home purchase information, "To Do" lists and personal contacts.  ALL of your information is securely stored on your computer, NOT the internet where it may be compromised.  You also have the ability to easily backup and restore your data so you can put it on a CD, DVD or flash drive for safe keeping.
Keep a record of everything you own by room or category.  Protect your investment, inventory your home today! Easily track the details of your interior home improvement projects.  Never again forget that paint color and quantity.
Easily track the details of your exterior home improvement projects.  Quickly reference every detail of your projects. Easily track the details of your home mechanical improvements such as your heating/cooling, plumbing etc...
Easily record information about your property, real estate agent, builder, financing and insurance. Create any number of project and seasonal lists along with the materials needed and your personal notes.
Quickly attach digital images to any of your home journal and inventory entries. Quickly organize your contacts into custom groups and easily print your address labels.
Easily produce comprehensive reports containing all of your Complete Home Journal information.

New Additional Features:

Document Library (Store PDF and Scanned images)

Custom Fonts/Colors in Notes

Estate Planning (Assign Heirs to Inventory Items)

Spell Checking

Fast Image Loading (Load all images at once)

Copy Item Tool