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Home Exterior Journal

The Exterior Home Journal can collect all of your exterior home improvement details.   Just choose from the list of categories or create your own then begin adding your project details.  You'll simplify any future maintenance by keeping good records which can be easily referenced.  The next time you paint your house, stain your deck or do any other projects, you'll know exactly how much material was needed and what it cost.   In addition you can store any special project notes as part of your Home Journal entries.   All of your home exterior project details will be instantly available with The Complete Home Journal™.

Product Review

"By keeping track of details now, you improve your maintenance schedule and capabilities.  When you are ready to sell the house or have it appraised, you have all the remodeling and maintenance records."

G.F. Chastain - Knight Ridder / Tribune News


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Home Inventory Interior Journal Mechanical Journal Purchase Journal To Do Lists Digital Images Contact Manager Reports

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   Increase Your Home's Value

Keeping good records of your home improvements may help increase the value of your home.  An appraiser or prospective buyer will appreciate your detailed Home Journal.

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Ease your mind knowing that all of your important project details are recorded for future reference.