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Digital Images

Digital Images are a great way to visually record your home inventory and home improvement project details.  You can easily include images from your digital camera or scanner in the Home Inventory, Interior Journal, Exterior Journal, Mechanical Journal and Purchase Journal. 

Easily add digital images to all your home inventory and home improvement journal entries.
Product Review

"Whether restoring after a fire, doing taxes, or getting ready to sell, comprehensive reports that reference any additions, improvements or changes made to the house and the costs associated with those changes are ready for use."

G.F. Chastain - Knight Ridder / Tribune News


Other Features:
Home Inventory Interior Journal Exterior Journal Mechanical Journal Purchase Journal To Do Lists Contact Manager Reports

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   Protect Your Assets

Keep a detailed record of all your assets and you'll have peace of mind.  Should a disaster or theft occur, you'll have everything you need to file an insurance claim.

It's Simple

The simple and intuitive design of The Complete Home Journal makes it very easy to use.  A complete step by step help file is also included should you need any assistance.